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Space and moon

Space and moon

Our world is weird beautiful. And the beauty of this beauty is the amazing effect of nature. Do not ever think what is outside the world? Maybe you might want to know curiosity. Looking at the sky at night, many people are shining. Yes, there is a world outside the world, which will make us even more amazed. There are many more planets, stars out of our world; Which is at a certain distance. Each planet is much larger than the other planets, as well as the mysterious beautiful. If you look at the sky in the night with the telescope, we can see how strange the beauty of the universe is outside the world. Our planet is so small compared to other planets in space, that it can not be understood without taking a mathematical test.

More surprising data is that, when we read somewhere, the distance from one planet to another is the light year. This means that the light from the Earth will reach 100 years. What a strange creature! Truly, we are eternally close to God. Scientists discover new planets and satellites every day. The sensational information in it is that as we live in our world, there are some strange signs of live living in some planets in space. In scientific terms, their names have been called 'Aliens'. Due to the huge advancement of science, scientists have been able to send the spacecraft to another planet like Mars.

The moon which has been able to conquer the moon, we can see the moon in the night sky. The interesting thing is that people are now thinking of staying in the moon. There is already a comprehensive preparation in America for this. It is understood from the primitive era of civilization that our world has progressed in scientific technology at this stage. Maybe that day is not far away, when people start living in space and start living.

The term moon is quite familiar to us. We are very special about the people of the world with the moon. We are familiar with various events related to the moon. Lunar eclipse, tidal, purnima, new moon are the topics related to the moon.

Besides the Earth, there are also other planets of the sun. For example, in our world where there is a moon, there are four four moons on the planet.

Scientists did not know about the fourth moon of the Passunto planet. In this month, with the help of the Hubble Telescope, they are sure to know about this moon. Because the fourth moon of the planet is the fourth moon, scientists named the moon P4. The AP-4 moon is the smallest moon of the poplar. Carbon is the name of the largest moon in Pasurnto. The other two moons are Nike and Hydra. Charon's diameter is 648 miles. Nike and Hydra diameter are 45 miles and 75 miles respectively. And the diameter of the smallest moon P4 is 15 miles.

The first moon of Pariso was discovered in 1978. Scientists at the US Naval Observatory were involved in this discovery. Nix and Hydra Chandah were discovered in 2005. Two moons are discovered with the help of the Hubble telescope. The location of the new P4 Moon is in the middle of the nyx and the Hydra moon.

Scientists are convinced that these moons of the planet are created through the collision of a large planet or a planet with a planetary object, while moving in the solar system.

The American Space Agency NASA and the European Space Agency ISAn International Project are the Hubble Project. One part of this project is the New Horizon Mission. This new moon was discovered as part of the study of the New Horizon Mission.

NASA has been contributing greatly to international aerospace research for a long time. But sometimes some of his activities have been controversial. One such project is their Atlantis Space Shuttle Mission. The news of the hope is that the Atlantis space shuttle complex was recently resolved. New Horizon mission scientist Roger Santis said that Atlantis explores the problem of spot complex and discovery of new moon pasunto NASA's most recent activity

Significant events.

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