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Scientists deep into the emotional process

Joseph Ledox has been working for a long time in fear of people's fears and creatures. He tried to find out how fear works in the brain. He unveiled the nervous system of fear. Ladex show, fear works in two ways on the brain. One is the primary or primary route and the other is the higher or the hay palmala

Scientists deep into the emotional process

Researcher Dylan Evans specifically mentions three-class emotions in his emotions: Internet
Though there are differences in emotion and number of emotions, some of these information has become popular due to the experimental experience. Researcher Dylan Evans specifically mentions three-class emotions in his emotions. These are basic emotions, hygiene cognitive emissions, and cortical specific emotions (hyperbolic acupuncture).

The concept of basic emotions came from the study of psychologist Paul Ackman. Akman shows that there are some emotions that depend heavily on the environment or the cultural subject, depending on the brain structure or the hardware. Control the emoticons in the circuits formed by brain neurons. And by creating these circuits associated with basic emotions or activating genes or genes, The genes associated with basic emotions propagate people from the genus Being adapted to the environment, the characteristics that are created in the organism are the new genetic form or pattern source. The genes in the DNA molecules will be activated in any form or pattern, and it creates a living organism through education. The necessary or important formulas associated with this education are transmitted in the next line. The traits associated with emotion are very important for the survival of the organism, so that the genes determined by the genes try to propagate the next generation. Thus, in the long run, basic emotions have woken up among a number of creatures, including humans. One example of basic emotions is fear. Be alarmed when there is dangerous material or situation, and beware of this fear or fear of being active. Biological behavior in response to basic emotions. Three parts of the brain lower brain, middle brain, and high brain are associated with basic emotions? Paul Ackman says basic emotions are associated with auto behavior, so the brain is involved in the emotions.

Apart from basic emotions there are other types of emoticons. Some scientists give a new idea about emotions. They show that in case of some emotions we consider culture or culture. For example, the Bengali New Year, Ekushey February will make a Bengali an emotional affair, and it will not make people of any other nation. When any other people of this country mix up with this Bengali culture or culture, they will understand this emotion and in many cases feel in themselves. This kind of emotion is called Cultural Specific Emotion.

Cultural specific emoticons came from emotional cultural formula (ব ঞ ঁ ৎ ৎ ষ ষ ষ ষ ষ ষ) Those who support this formula think that emotions are the behaviors that result from education. If you learn anything, the brain is implanted in memory. These memories later played a role in the new behavior. Likewise, cultures or memories associated with the culture help in showing behavior or emotions. Emotional cultural sources say, emotions are transmitted through culture as the language is transmitted.

Cultural specific emotions do not just go to the int, but with some special conditions or situations. These conditions or conditions come from culture or culture.

A child will be able to listen to language when learning a language. He must be in the language of the language he learns. Junkies who have a language syllabus in the child help children learn languages. If these genes do not have children, they can not learn languages. But the jinns will not be there. Genes need to be activated in a specific form. This requires special circumstances. According to this situation, he will learn how to learn a language. If you speak Bengali, then you will learn Bengali. If you speak English, then learn English.

Cultural specific emotions are also such a thing. In the case of Cultural Specific Emotions - Emotional Basic Emotion Treats Emotional Relationships with Related Gene Using Special Genetics. This special situation helps people to express the culture that they grew up in.

Cognitive specific emotions can be linked to a distorted emotional (emotional rage). How? Any continuous behavior can be done if he learns it well. Researchers say that if a belief or the theory imposes conditional conduct or related conditions related to emotive reactions, then such effects of emotions or false emotions are activated in such situations as Cultural Specific Emotions.

In addition to Basic Emotion and Cultural Specific Emotions, there are three types of emoticons working in people. It is a hygienic cognitive emotion.

Scientist Griffith introduces Hairy Cognitive Emotion as a result of his research. He shows that cortical activity of the brain is high in cognitive emotions. Cortical activity is the subject of high brain. High brain cerebral cathex is in cortical activity. Thus, the subject of hyper-cognitive emotions is associated with high brain.

Scientist Griffith also said that hyper-cognitive emotions are less intact than basic emotions, but more int (cathartic) than Cultural Specific Emotions. Gryphith Hayer has chosen the example of Carnegie Emotion Love (Dove) as an example of cognitive emotions. The emotional waking feeling in the brain is a different emotional feeling, which is very different from basic emotions and culturally specific emotions.

Joseph Ledox feared fear of man

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