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Increasing use of e-commerce

Crishee has also provided a number of information about the depth of the relative depth between e-commerce and mobile devices. According to the report, the number of such e-commerce sites increased by the number of time consuming mobile devices.

Increasing use of e-commerce

E-commerce is increasing in the world. Bangladesh is not outside of this. Available online products like mobile phones, books, gifts, tv etc. Using smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many other technologies. Not only the children, the children are also using these products as well as those products. In addition to gaming, these products are very useful to children and children from various sources. The social skills of children with reduced use of technology

However, a group of psychologists at the University of California, Los Angeles have claimed that their social skills are decreasing due to the reduction in time of communication between children due to the use of these products.

The 'emoticons' used by Facebook, Twitter and various social networks can rarely be present in our face-to-face contact. Because they are more used in technology, children have difficulty understanding many expressions including others' faces.

Which one of our most necessary partner in the busy life can say? Today's answer will be - 'Cellphone' It is astonishing to think that, when the mobile was not launched several years ago, then we all used to live life, there was no problem! But when this technology has come in handy, we have become so accustomed to it that now we do not have one day without this mobile. Someone might not even go for an hour. And even though this is the most important thing in the house, everyone can not buy a set of hearts.

In addition to the expensive smartphones of different brands, there are also low-priced, smartphones mobile sets. Many of them may be priced at prices but can not be seen as handset. Or it is seen, the set is liked, with its price is the sky-wide difference. Teenagers have more problems. They want the state's facilities in a handset. The friend might have seen a feature in the set, he just needs one. But when you buy it can not match the bat. It's a bit hard to find in all types of mobile phones to buy in the shop. So, before buying a mobile phone with a little idea, there is no problem with the price and there is no need to make too much money. Now is the era of Smutherfan Smutherfan in the hands of everyone. The price of most of the smutherfan is slightly higher. But what does the price hobby mean more? And so the mobile companies have understood the demand of the customers, the less expensive set. If you want to buy a lot of good brands of mobile handsets such as Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Symphony, Walton and Sony Ericsson. You can choose your own choice of smutherfan. And if you prefer to stay in front of a few currents, then you can choose to set your own preferences accordingly.

Their results were published in the journal Computer in Social Behavior.

Psychologists study the behavior of 105 students of the sixth grade of a school in South Californian in this study.

For researchers, students are divided into two groups. A group of them were kept in a childhood five days without any kind of technology. Researchers did not allow the use of such products, including television, television, and smatterfans, while giving them the opportunity to live their lives at the time.

Other children live with their families at the same time and use different types of technology as before.

After five days the researchers observed the social communication skills of the two groups. As a result, it is seen that the group which had avoided the use of technology, could understand more different types of uninterrupted communication with people's faces than others.

Patricia Greenfield, a professor of psychology at the University of California at the University of California, said that many people see the advantages of these digital products, but they do not notice the negative aspects of these. One of the most negative aspects of these products is that the use of these children reduces the efficiency of understanding others' emotions.

E-shopping in the world ahead of south-east Asia Here the use of mobile devices is increasing in keeping with the other regions, and the e-commerce range is also increasing. According to Crissover data from e-commerce advertising company, 27 percent of e-commerce transactions in Southeast Asia is on mobile devices. And this rate is rising over time. Crisoe also released the report, based on a worldwide $ 140 million transaction of 140 billion dollars. According to the report, the use of mobile devices in e-commerce transactions in Southeast Asia equals Spain and Italy. The United States rate is slightly higher. Kriseyo has presented a lot of information about the depth of the relationship between e-commerce and mobile devices. According to the report, the number of such e-commerce sites increased by the number of time consuming mobile devices. As a result, people are now looking for any site required for shopping on mobile devices. It is also reported that e-commerce transactions on mobile devices are more than desktops. Fashion, luxury and travel products are said to be more shopping than e-commerce. Yoko Saito, Managing Director of the South-East Asia Department of Crissover, said the increase in the use of mobile devices in the e-commerce sector in South-East Asia is the highest growth in Southeast Asia in the world of e-commerce. Mobile devices are working as the main influencers behind. This trend is particularly noticeable in developing markets like Indonesia and India. Mobile devices are being preferred in these markets.

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