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Gene rearrangement

Gene rearrangement

Among the people there are many different types of women and men, and in many cases a combination of men and women. Diversity or variation of hormone regulating gene circuits results The abnormalities of this circuit change in the normal organization of men and women. The beauty of women and the formation of maternal mortality; Breast and uterus, in many cases, can cause cancer due to the abnormalities of these gene circuits.

Recently, the UK's Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has made significant discoveries about women's abnormalities or genetic causes and their solutions.

Professor Mike Straton and Dr. Sanger Institute's scientist Wellcome Trust were directly involved with this discovery. Andy Fever Both of them have been studying for a long time on molecular biology and cancer.

A chromosomal in humans usually contains a DNA molecule. There is a possibility of different abnormalities in the human body due to the rearrangement or breakdown of DNA molecules in specific chromosomes. This is the case with breast cancer. Brain cancer is due to the rearrangement or breakdown of DNA molecules in specific chromosomes. This matter was not thoroughly genetic at all. The discovery of scientists Mike Stratone and Andy Fretrele shows what kind of rearrangement occurs at the genetic level.

The researchers have discovered several years for BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 gene reconfiguration and breast cancer with herpesipitone hormone. This discovery was enhanced by the discovery of Mike Stratone and Andy Fretrell's discovery of genome rearranging or gene circuits.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Center scientist George Rees Philho described this invention as a remarkable and remarkable invention. He says that when DNA mole breaks for any reason, it is rebuilt again through the biological automated repair process. The repair process often gives the old genetic form back. But in some cases changes in the old genetic form due to mutation can occur when abnormalities occur. Changes in the old genetic form change due to mutations in BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 genes and herpesin hormone genes for breast cancer. Breast cancer is created as a result. He also said that scientists now work to control the mutation or genetic rearrangement. Then women will be able to maintain their beauty and maternal structure.

Scientists Mike Stratone and Andy Fretrell hope that the idea of ​​future re-genation of genome reintegration or reintegration of gene circuits will be more intense and this concept will be useful in case of breast cancer as well as other cancers. They recently sent copies of these new research information to the biological seminar that they will be in Korea.

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